Today’s Run Statistics (8-13-12)

Today’s run stats from Endomondo:
Cooper (12 min) 1.99 km
1 km 5m:49s
1 mile 9m:39s
3 miles 32m:26s
5 km 33m:31s

Total Distance 4.09 miles
Total Duration (including a 5 minute warm-up walk and a 5 minute cool-down walk) 49m:37s

So it seems like my speed is improving a little, but I guess I push a little harder while racing. Maybe everybody does…

It was a good evening run, though, because it was a bit cooler. It was nice not to have the hot sun beating down on me!  I did end up getting a stomach cramp somewhere near the end of mile 2, which is unusual for me at this point (though while running the mile in high school it was a pretty common occurrence). I dealt with it by slowing down to a walk for about a block, and then it went away and I resumed running.

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