The Asbury Park 5K (8-11-12)

Yesterday, I participated in the Asbury Park 5K (the first 5K where I was able to run the entire time) and it felt great! I pushed myself harder than I usually do during workouts to keep up with the crowd and ended up with a new PR!

Runners at the Asbury Park 5K
Starting the Asbury Park 5K

Official Race Statistics:

  • Distance: 5K
  • Total Time: 32:50.55 (My new PR!)
  • Pace: 10:35/mile
  • Place: 765 out of 1048

Endomondo Statistics:

  • 1 km 5m:25s
  • 1 mile 8m:51s
  • 3 miles 30m:11s
  • 5 km 31m:23s
Now I know these results may seem pretty slow to many runners, but (based on my recent workouts) I anticipated finishing in about 35 or 36 minutes, so this was a great result!
Finishing the Asbury Park 5K

Notice that the Endomondo statistics read a total time of 31:23 for a 5K, while the official race statistics were 32:50.55.  When I viewed the GPS course map of my route during the race on Endomondo, I realized that the program was factoring in the time I spent getting to the official race “start” (the mats that read the timing chips).

I suppose this means I was faster getting to the race’s official starting point than I was at the end of the race course.  This makes a lot of sense to me, because I always seem to start out strong during workouts and get pretty slow at the end of a 3-5 mile run.  I definitely have to eventually find a way to push harder at the end!

Overall, though, it was a fun race and I had great time!  Special thanks to my husband, Michael, for taking these excellent race photos!  Also, thanks to the Jersey Shore Running Club and the Shore Athletic Club who hosted the race to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County and other local organizations.

For more photos from the race, visit: “Running with Jen” on Facebook


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