Yesterday’s Run Statistics (10-6-12)

Yesterday’s Run Statistics from Endomondo:

  • Cooper (12 min) 2.13 km
  • 1 km 5m:11s
  • 1 mile 8m:48s
  • 3 miles 30m:35s
  • 5 km 31m:48s

Total Distance: 3.53 miles

Total Time (with a warm-up walk and a cool-down walk and some walking while treating an injury): 39m:53s

I was running in my Nike Free sneakers again, because I was trying to give them a try (despite developing a large blister on my big right toe while wearing them during a run a couple of months ago).  They felt great and I was running fast with my new Garmin Forerunner 110 watch.  I remember thinking, “I’m going fast!  This is great.  I wonder if I should run on the road instead of the sidewalk for awhile.  No, the sidewalk is safer…”  Then, BOOM!  The tip of one of my shoes caught on an uneven portion of the sidewalk and I went down!

I fell on my left knee, elbow, and hand.  My hand wasn’t bad… just a small circle of a scrape near the wrist that was bleeding a little bit.  I think the new Garmin watch protected my wrist from the impact.  I didn’t even notice the bruise and swelling on my elbow until I got home.  My knee sustained the most damage, but it looked a lot worse than it felt.  There was a lot of blood trickling down my left leg, so I grabbed a couple of tissues that I had with me and started cleaning it up.  The skin on my knee was scraped in 3 places and the largest scrape kept bleeding.

I started walking home and then, because I otherwise was feeling good, I resumed jogging a little.  I got to an intersection and decided to take the longer way home so I could still get a 5K run in.  Every once in awhile I would stop to clean up the blood that was still slowly trickling down my leg.

I finally made it home and reassessed my injuries.  I cleaned, treated, and covered the scrapes and iced my knee and the bruised elbow.  Today my scrapes hurt a little and my right side is a little achy, but otherwise I’m fine.  I hope the scrapes heal up well and don’t leave a scar!

I don’t think I’ll be wearing those Nike Free sneakers for running again.  They’re cute, but kind of unlucky for me!

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