Today’s Run Statistics (9-18-12)

Today’s Run Statistics from Endomondo:

  • Cooper (12 min) 2.06 km
  • 1 km 5m:37s
  • 1 mile 9m:17s
  • 3 miles 29m:35s
  • 5 km 30m:37s
Total Distance: 3.43 miles
Total Duration (with a 5 minute warm up walk): 38m:32s
I have a cold.  I caught it from a bunch of students at school who are sick… it’s a little early in the year to be sick, but I guess it happens.  I was so tired and achy after work today, but I decided to go for a run anyway.  I mean, there were strong winds and there was also a tornado watch for my area, but so what?  It was only a little drizzly and the wind seemed to help make the humidity more bearable.
I started the run in a light drizzle, which turned into a steady rain.  It was actually pretty nice and refreshing.  I was wearing a hat, which kept the rain off my face.  Everything was good until it started pouring at the end of the run!!!

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