Today’s Run Statistics (9-13-12)

Today’s Run Statistics from Endomondo:

  • Cooper (12 min) 2.04 km
  • 1 km 5m:39s
  • 1 mile 9m:20s
  • 3 miles 30m:26s
  • 5 km 31m:35s

Total Distance: 3.89 miles

Total Duration (including a 5 minute warm-up walk and a 5 minute cool-down walk): 46m:28s

I was so tired after work today, but I had to get a run in!  I felt like I was going so slowly, but somehow I had my best 5K training pace ever!  I don’t know how my time keeps improving… I was so tired that I even had to walk a few blocks uphill early in mile 3.  Still getting faster though, just not sure how!


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