Today’s Run Statistics (8-19-12)

Today’s run stats from Endomondo:
  • Cooper (12 min) 1.95 km
  • One hour 8.6 km
  • 1 km 5m:48s
  • 1 mile 9m:42s
  • 3 miles 32m:12s
  • 5 km 33m:30s
  • 10 km 1h:10m:56s

Total Distance: 6.79 miles

Total Duration (including a 5 minute warm-up walk and a 5 minute cool-down walk): 1h:21m:13s

It was blissfully cool outside this evening!  I’ve gotten used to running in hot and humid weather, but it was only around 70 degrees today!

I decided to try using my bluetooth earpiece to listen to music while running, instead of my usual wired headphones.  This was helpful, because I didn’t have the wire from my headphones bouncing around in front of me.  I also brought my water bottle again.

I knew that I wanted to run at least 4 miles, so I planned on taking it easy with the pace.  Once I got to mile 4 I still had a lot of energy (probably due to the wonderful weather), so I decided to run for another mile.  I reached mile 5 and still was feeling good, so I decided to go for a 10K (6.2 miles)!  I’ve never run so far in my life!  It felt great!  My pace was even pretty decent (for me) … I averaged about 11:30 per mile.

So my new PR for a 10K is 1h:10m:56s.  I guess my next distance goal should be a 15K (9.3 miles).  I’m still trying to pick up the pace and would like to (eventually) be able to keep up a 9 minute mile pace.  It would be awesome to be able to run a 10K in less than an hour!  I guess I need to start doing more speed work…




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